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Print Concern are able to analyse existing or past customers name and address information by cross referencing the data against our prospect database, enabling us to identify your client’s key demographic, geographic and property based characteristics providing data on sales density by postcode, age, gender, affluence and property value along with many other individual traits, providing a highly detailed profile of each customer.

Automatic Profile Selection

The dominant profile characteristics can then be programmed into our software to automatically select similar prospects from within our UK wide consumer database, providing instant access to individuals who most closely match existing customer’s characteristics.

Selection can be further enhanced by using geographic selection criteria, either targeting areas where you have a large preponderance of customers or where you don’t. Profiles can be preset allowing individual users to select the desired geographical area that they want to cover and then chose a pre-programmed profile and all required selection criteria will automatically be incorporated into the search. For more information, contact us today.

Profiling Service

  • Analysis of existing customer address data
  • Full graphical report of existing customer information
  • Report contains full socio-demographic breakdowns
  • Programming of profiles onto the Print Concern software
  • Profile can be used for fast, future campaigns
  • Reports allow you to tailor your marketing
  • Identify trends and create targeted campaigns


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    Key Profiling Features

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    Zero In Literally

    Target Like Never Before "automatically"

    Profiling allows you to mail prospects using pre-set selection criteria based on historic customers, taking the guess work out of targeting

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    Lower Your Costs

    Save like never before

    Using prospects selected from your pre-programmed Profiles allows you to save your marketing budget, as wastage is dramatically reduced.

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    Remove Wastage

    Get a positive response

    By targeting specific profiles you remove a large amount of waste and also enhance your brand by not sending unwanted campaigns.